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If you have read my blog for any length of time at all (like this week!) you know how much I love a good technique. Combine it with a great tutorial and I’m sold! So today, I thought I’d give you a list of links to a few fun ones I have pinned on my Pinterest boards:

1. Who doesn’t love a good transfer technique? This is different from the one I did a while back but still super simple – it just takes a little longer due to the drying time required.

2. A good brooch never goes astray and always makes an awesome add-on gift or end-of-year teacher present. Love how simple this one is and that you could make it as fun or as dressy as you like – simply switch out the colours and fabric. Felt would be awesome for a winter coat!

3. Who doesn’t own a boat load of baker’s twine? That’s what I thought! Here’s a great way to use some and make super cute cards, embellishments, or tags.

4. This ornament is beautiful in felt and would look great as a Christmas ornament or to hang for everyday. Use paper and make fun party decorations! Or put a bunch together to make some front door decor.

5. Easy, pretty, and a really good bang for your buck, making your own coasters is simple and a gift anyone can use. They can even double as paperweights!

And here’s a bonus one:

6. 3D stars! These could be embellies, home decor, party decorations, tree ornaments…

Let me know if you make anything, I always love seeing how people go in different directions with the same starting point!