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M: Jackass! (laughs really loudly) That’s hilarious, Daddy!

Now, I feel that I should explain this one – and the blame is all my fairy godmother’s fault! She gave the kids this book for Christmas and they *love* it.

It’s seriously funny, a definite for any kiddies on your list, and if you don’t like the jackass part (though he really is a jackass/donkey and I also think that part is hilarious!) you can change the word . The pre-readers in your life will never know the difference! It was a Publishers Weekly Best Children’s Book in 2010 and on the New York Times bestseller list for over 6 months.

And, if you want to read it, here it is on Youtube – which I also find hilarious, as that’s an electronic way to read a book about a paper book! 🙂

Anyway, enjoy, then go forth and buy!