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This past weekend was a long one – the first of the summer and for once, it didn’t snow! And the weather was actually warm! Two big shocks right there! 🙂

On a side note, I love long weekends – three days instead of 2 and then, to follow it up, a short work week; it’s like two holidays in one!

We spent the weekend at my in-law’s cabin with friends of ours who have two kiddies, one of whom is M’s bestie though she’s G’s age. We figure C’s in for a shock come kindergarten when she realizes M has left her behind with G!

Anyway, here’s our weekend in pictures!

Stripey Jammies

Playing Strawberry Shortcake on the top bunk!

D. says Vienna Sausages are a May 2-4 staple… I disagree.

However, roasting marshmallows is definitely a staple!

Funny face at the fire

G & C having a lakeside walkabout

This is my grandfather Case’s face – let’s see if the rest of the family agrees with me!

ummmmm, I really have no idea…

Family walk

The kiddies – M, C, L, & G

A favourite cabin game – kick Daddy

Reading and playing Curious George

Watching movies as we pack to go home

And that’s our weekends in a nutshell – lots of outdoors, swings, and marshmallows; we can’t wait to go again!