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Love, love, love this technique and it’s the one the always gets the “Wow!” when I teach it in a class – people love this, it’s like magic! For all those times you wished your favourite piece of paper was more durable or pliable, now it can be! This is how I made the canvas spine for the mini album I showed yesterday (weren’t the houses the sweetest?).

You need:


Sticky-Back Canvas, patterned paper, water, and Glossy (not matte) Multi Medium.

First, peel the backing off your canvas and stick your paper pattern side down to the sticky side of the canvas. Burnish it so it’s stuck on there really well (I use the end of my Basic Grey Rub-on Roller). I repeat (because someone will always mis-hear or not believe me!) adhere the pattern to the sticky side so you can’t see it! Bear with me, I promise this will work – I’m a professional! Hahahaha! 🙂

As a side note, single or doubled sided patterned paper will work and you can use either the white or natural Sticky Back Canvas.

Adhere and Burnish

Now, mist your paper really well. Get it soaked, it will be fine!


Once the water soaks in a little, use your finger to rub off the paper. Now, don’t scrub at it like you’re cleaning a baking dish or anything, just rub so the paper peels off!

Reveal the Magic!

You may have to rewet the paper and canvas because you want it to stay wet. Just keep working at it – you’ll notice the majority of the paper peeling off but the pattern stays put – fun, hey?

Now, you may notice that you can’t get all the little paper nubbies off with just the water. This is where the glossy multi medium comes in. When you get to the point where all you have are a few paper bits, squirt a little medium on the canvas or your finger and rub it around.

Finish and Seal

The multi medium will help take off the rest of the fibers and seal the fabric at the same time!

Once it dries you can die cut or emboss the canvas, or just use it as a piece on your project. I love using this to make scarves for snowmen, or die cutting flowers for cards and display pieces. Because it acts like fabric, you suddenly have a lot more uses for your paper!

Everything on this tag, including the ribbon, has been made using this technique and October Afternoon papers – love the bright colours and patterns they have! Since this is a transfer, colours become a little more muted so it is better to start with vibrant colours, knowing they will tone down a little in the finished product.

As always, post me link to your blog or gallery so I can see anything you make – I love to see how you are inspired to create!


P.S. I found a video of Claudine Hellmuth demonstrating this technique at CHA – enjoy!