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dirty nose from digging in the yard

…is not sleeping. Which would be fine if he stayed in his room and didn’t jump on other people to wake them up.

…makes the funniest faces. He’s just like my brother Matthew who was the bane of my existence growing up!

…loves his trucks and cars. He’s such a boy! But he really loves carrying around the tiny ones. He’s definitely mine!

…really is the cutest thing ever. When he’s not being evil, that is!


at the park

…is being somewhat easier to get along with these days. Big sigh of relief here. I was about to donate her to charity…. 😉

…loves writing letters – both the alphabet and ones to mail. She’s getting pretty good at both!

…had her first bike ride yesterday and did really well. She loved every minute of it!

…really is the cutest thing ever. When she’s not whiny, that is!


helping Miss M

…is procrastinating about writing the outline for his Studio Photography 101 Course.

…is itching to go on a long Geocaching spree.

…just bought me a very fancy, very sharp new knife just because. And because I always complain that mine won’t stay sharp. He wins the very nice husband award this week!



…is loving that spring has arrived and we can all go outside again.

….is still really enjoying the scrapcave – though the stuff is starting to close in on me again!

…has some new 100% wool felt that I can’t wait to play with!

…thinks that Instagram for Android is the bomb!


napping with the trains

…sleeps in the strangest places.

…loves getting her picture taken.


not pausing a second for the camera

…insists on sneaking into G’s room at night. He hates that.

…hates getting her picture taken.


P.S. Thanks Cathie, for the great recap idea!