1. I’ve started this online workshop by Christy Tomlinson and I’m *loving* it. Really so good – great videos, and tons of them, awesome PDF’s, and fabulous information. Have I mentioned that I love it? 🙂 I’m hoping to play a little this weekend and will post what comes out of it next week!

(Want to give Christy a “test run?” Check out this!)

2. This is a really neat idea for a canvas from October Afternoon. I never would have thought about putting the frame in the middle…. and I’ve done my fair share of canvases!

3. This is an awesome tutorial for a quick and fun back to school project. Simple enough that if you have kiddies they could help but cool enough to do for yourself – whether you’re in school or not! 🙂

4. Here’s another awesome one from October Afternoon. This one shows you step by step how to cluster embellishments so they look good – easier said than done! Love seeing how they build it all up!

5. Finally, this one is more artsy-craftsy in nature but come on people, rectangular snowmen? Love! I have plans for embellishing them a little more and if I actually have the time to do some, I’ll show you how they turn out!