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Yesterday was a very exciting one for the kiddies – this face should say it all (even more so since you all know what she’s normally like about getting her picture taken!):

Could she be any happier? Can you tell why?

Yup. That’s a little ladybug on her arm! Isn’t it a neat colour? It was kind of brown with orange spots – very cool.

I have to give a ton of credit to that ladybug, it stuck around and allowed itself to be passed from child to child to child to… for at least half an hour. Seriously. Most patient ladybug ever!

As you can tell, the kiddies loved every second.

G was thrilled that it walked on him, as he laughed and said, “He tickle me!”

And Miss M was fascinated by how it would walk over her fingers to her other hand:

All in all, a fun and lucky adventure yesterday. And it dispelled those late afternoon crankies too! ๐Ÿ™‚