This past Sunday our church held its annual pumpkin carving night. Yes, our church celebrates the pagan holidays. No, we don’t care, we actually love how spirited they are. Yes, we had an awesome time!


This is always an event the kids look forward to – we bring our pumpkins, the church has templates, snacks, and games available, and we have fun. This year there were tattoos and face painting as well so the kids really had a great time.


Gabe picked out a template and after Darrell gutted both pumpkins, I drew the design on and he carved it out:

gabe pumpkin

Molly, of course, didn’t want a template, she wanted a bunny. Sitting. With kind of floppy ears. Friends, I cannot draw. Not even a little bit. Sigh. This is what I carved out for her – luckily, she was happy enough with it!

molly pumpkin

After the pumpkin carving all the kiddies (who had been told to dress up), lined up and went to the parking lot for a round of Trunk or Treating!


Have you all heard of this? I hadn’t and it’s the most genius idea ever! All the cars lined up with their trunks (or the boot as my friend Emma and my stepfather would say!) pointing out into the parking lot.

Now, to backtrack a little, before the kids went up the adults were told to go get ready so Darrell went to open the trunk and get the candy ready. Then I got a text:


When we went out, I got it. These people are seriously *into* Halloween.


All the trunks were decorated. There were lights, and decorations, and smoke machines (really) and people pretending to be decorations but would then come to life.


One car had a seemingly benign setup – there were bags of chips so you could just take one from the trunk. And then a hand would grab you and yank you in. Molly and Gabe could not get enough of that one – they thought it was hilarious!


To say they had the best Halloween ever is not an exaggeration. The fact they get to go door to door and do it all again on Saturday? Icing on the cake, my friends, icing on the cake.