We had a fabulous Halloween this year! It all started over a week ago at the church, continued with Trick or Treating with friends, and ended with a sleepover at Poppy’s house. I think it was a success.

Molly decided months ago that she would be Pippi Longstocking, with Mr. Nilsson:


Gabe was a doctor:

doctorAnd they somewhat cooperated for a joint picture:

togetherThen we headed off and met up with friends:

m,g,h,hAnd then joined more friends:

the crewAnd had a ball going from house to house with the T-Rex following them all!

trexOur final stop, as always, was my dad’s house for supper and this year, a sleepover. Dad always dresses to match his pirate friend:

poppy caseThen I headed home to get ready for my own Halloween party at Emma’s house!

the adult crewEmma magically changed from a T-Rex to She-Ra and naturally had her sidekick, He-Man along for the ride. We were also joined by BatDad and Jen! And although, according to my brother, I look like a Popple, I am actually the Cheshire Cat. However, the popple idea is good!

So fun times all around – good food, lots of junk, and entertaining costumes – all that Halloween should be!