This week got a little crazy and so I’m late with a post – sorry all!

I haven’t posted on of these in a while but I’m still doing, and loving, the 12 on Twelve pics – here’s the October bunch, taken on Thanksgiving Day.

10 - october

  1. Loving Mom’s spare bed in Eastport
  2. Molly and Gabe’s favourite place – their “cupboard under the stairs.”
  3. watching movies on the long drive home.
  4. gorgeous weather as we drove through Terra Nova Park
  5. talking to Nana
  6. taking a selfie with Donna
  7. selfie with Mister Gabe
  8. sideways selfie!
  9. Gabe and Sydney picking red currants
  10. Thanksgiving dinner
  11. watching The Voice
  12. bathtime