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background: The kiddos are in the basement trying to get rid of a big creepy crawly bug of some kind…..

Gabe: I’m freaking out!

Molly: No, Gabe! You have to save us!

Gabe: But I’m really freaking out! (he sounds pretty excited to me. Just saying. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Molly: You’re Gabe the Brave, you can do it!

(Gabe comes upstairs): I need socks and shoes.

Me: Why?

Gabe (looking determined and thrilled): So I can squash it dead! Yeah! (insert fist pump here)

Gabe the Brave - bug killer extraordinaire

Gabe the Brave – bug killer extraordinaire

They’re a blood thirsty crew, my lot.

For the record, he squashed it dead *and* cleaned up the bug guts!