Better late than never this month! We spent the weekend with my oldest friend and her kids at Salmon Cove Sands where my family has a cabin. It’s a tradition for sure – Girl’s weekend plus Gabe – we’ve been doing it twice a summer since 2008 (though Gabe didn’t enter the picture until a year later!)july1. Every day is better when it starts with bubbles.

2. We were swarmed with ladybugs the whole day – lots of luck coming to us!

3. best of buddies, even with the ages going from 5-almost 11

4. my cousin Andrew, in the province to hike the East Coast trail – good to see him at one of our favourite places!

5. me and Suzette – bff’s since 1981

6. It’s not a day at the beach unless you dig a big hole…

7. or collect beach rocks and shells….

8. or get buried in the sand!

9. covered in dirt, surrounded by buckets, happy as can be.

10. yeah, they’re crazy…

11. and we’re adding a fifth one next year!

12. Huge moon, behind the clouds, over the ocean