On Monday we made our last Halloween decorations – we are now officially walking into and through creepy crawlies as we go through the house!

The first was pretty straightforward – pumpkins!


They were easy and pretty much mess-free. I simply painted glue onto a paper plate, cut orange tissue into squares and told them to cover all the white. I then gave them three triangles, a mouth, and a green stem and they glued them on. That’s it!

The next craft was a little messier – we painted. My biggest tip when painting is this: go naked.

Now, to be honest, the kiddies weren’t exactly naked, they just took their shirts off to keep them reasonably clean. I have a very cute painting picture but I’ll save that for the parents only!

I told them we were going to paint bats (I already had eyes, fangs, and wings cut out of black paper) and they immediately piped up with the colours they wanted to use – no black mentioned! So we ended up with red, green, and blue:


Cute, hey? After they painted and glued on eyes, I drew a mouth and they glued on fangs and added some bling to the eyes. Then they helped me staple on the wings.

green bat

My house (and I hope all of their houses) looks very festive now but I do have one problem – they’re already asking about Christmas!