Let me tell you about my late night/early morning. You’re allowed to laugh, I don’t mind. I would do it if this was your story, after all.

So. 2am this morning my phone rang. Never a good thing right? It gets worse.

“Hi. This is Constable So-and-so (it was 2am people, forgive for not getting his name!) from theΒ Royal Newfoundland Constabulary.”

Yes. 2am and a call from the cops. On Halloween. Trust me when I say that woke me up.

“Do you own a cat called Ella?”



Seriously. We discovered that nice Mr. Cop was just around the corner so he kindly put her in his car and brought her home. The things Darrell said as went down to the door are not suitable to write here, trust me.

We figure this is just training for a few years time when we have teenagers. If this is any indication, we’re in trouble. Please start praying for us now.