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This may be a day late but I hope you’ll all forgive me for once!

For this technique, you do need a very specific product, Distress Crackle Paint in Clear Rock Candy. You’re also going to need a non-stick craft sheet (to contain the mess), Distress Stains, and Grungeboard or Grungepaper.


First, you need to die cut a shape of your choice from the Grungeboard or Grungepaper. I chose the paper as the die I used was a very thin one and unable to cut through the heavier Grungeboard. Once you have your shape, give it a decent coat of the crackle paint; the thinner the coat of paint, the finer the crackles. If you want big cracks, do a thick coat but keep in mind it will take a looooonnnnggg time to dry (this technique is very hard on the impatient!)

Wet Paint

Technically, once the paint starts to cracks, you can speed up the process with your heat tool but I normally end up burning the paper so I just let it sit. From experience, I now do this step as the last thing before I go to bed for the night and then it’s ready in the morning – no patience needed!

Dry Crackle Paint

See the cracks? Very neat on it’s own but it will get even better soon!

Now, rub your Distress Stains over the crackled shape. Dry in between layers with your heat tool and keep going until you like the look. Keep in mind that the colours lighten as they dry and you can always add more, but not less!


When you’re happy with the colours, you’re done!

finished heart

Look at the texture the crackle brings – awesome!

Now, add your very cool and unique embellishment to your project and call it done!

Completed Tag

I used lots of dimension on this one…


As a side note, you do want to use a heavy duty surface for this. Grungeboard and Grungepaper are really durable and can take a beating which I why I use them for this technique. The Crackle Paint is wet and then you’re adding wet Distress Stain so I’m not sure if regular cardstock would hold up under all of that abuse!

Now, I know you might not all have Distress Crackle Paint in your supplies, but that’s ok – I know for a fact The Paperie has some on order! Go call them and reserve yours now, then you can go play too!

I have only ever done this with Clear Rock Candy so, just for you guys, I tried it with Picket Fence (white) so see how it would turn out.

Picket Fence Crackle Paint

I do find that the colours in the Crackle Paints dry faster than the Rock Candy. They’re also matte, whereas the Rock Candy is shiny, like Glossy Accents. And that reminds me, there is a Crackle Glossy Accents, which I’ve never used. That would definitely be worth a try, if you own it.

Stained Crackle - Picket Fence

This is kind of neat too, just a pastel, matte version. Personally, I like the shine and  texture of the Rock Candy, but this would be good for other uses. Be interesting to see some others colours of paint tried too (hint, hint!).

Once you’ve tried it, leave me a link to your project – I’d love to see what you do!