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…for Valentine’s Day!

I was going to do another technique today, but just couldn’t pass up the Valentine’s thing. If you’re craving technique, check my previous posts here, here, and here – that should keep you going until tomorrow! 🙂

So, I knew Valentine’s was coming. I bought little treats for the kiddies, poked them away….. and promptly forgot about the whole thing!

Don’t get me wrong, I like Valentine’s Day. I just don’t get all hyped up about it. The point is, late last night I was up making M and G’s Valentine’s. And D’s is the technique for this week!


Also, since I forgot all about today, I didn’t get my kiddies on the ball making Valentine’s for their little friends or make the cupcakes for the party we always have. That meant Valentine’s making instead of cereal for breakfast and cupcake making with a crew of  (not very helpful) helpers this morning!

Valentine Cupcakes

Long story short, we got it all done, including making these cards, ate copious amounts of sugar, and, due to changing the topic at the last minute, this post is very, very late – sorry!

Hope you all have a very Happy Valentine’s Day with whomever or whatever you love – friends, family, pets, books…


P.S. The Valentine’s were made with this Hero Arts Stamp, Basic Grey Sugar Rush papers, Stampin’ Up! gems, and Sakura Gelly Rollers (I use medium for colouring) and Stardust Pens.

The cupcakes are this recipe (but made with rice flour and xanthan gum) and the frosting is this recipe (again with the rice flour!). These really are the best – even gluten free – with wheat, they’re to die for!