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One of my all time favourite products are the Ranger Distress Inks. I use them all. the. time. And one of my favourite ways to use them is as if they were watercolours. And look at how gorgeous that works out::

06 - yup hes mineI added some awesome Amy Tangerine Thickers directly on the photo for the title:

06 - titleAnd on both LO’s I added tons of stars, sequins, and gems:

06 - embelliesThe second LO uses the same technique but the placement was quite different:

05 - beanie babyI still used the Thickers and coloured them with my Sakura Clear Stardust pen for some shimmer:

05 - titleAnd for both LO’s, I added hidden journaling behind the photo:

05 - journalingAs always this year, the pictures are black and white for a couple of reasons:

1. I like the look of black and white these days, and

2. I can use whatever colours strike my fancy to make my backgrounds.

We have another class next week and will be using an awesome new product! Make sure you check back for those layouts!



12 on Twelve | May 2015


05 - may1. Selfie

2. “I see the sun! The sun is back!”

3. counting down the days

4. Rosie

5. #heidibadboots

6. how to dry clothes when the clothes dryer is broken

7. printing pics for Simple Scrapper LO’s

8. reading in their couch cushion fort

9. walking to swimming lessons

10. showing me the chicken dance while she waits

11. he’s learning the front crawl

12. waiting at the pool




It’s all in the stance


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From time to time I get questions regarding how I shoot my LO’s to make them square. I have a pretty very low-tech set-up around here so I thought I’d take today to share. Trust me, if I can do it, so can you!

First up, here’s my photo booth:

lucky - setupYup. That’s my kitchen floor. I’m lucky in that it has square tiles to help with keeping everything straight. In the morning, all the light comes through here so I just open the back door and voila! Good lighting! On the rare occasion I shoot in late afternoon I take my LO’s to the living room at the front of the house. The hardwood floor gives me straight lines to use as a guide and the light is perfect there. Better than the kitchen but 90% of the time I need to take pics in the morning (because I’m slack and don’t think about it in time to do it the day before – truth. Total slacker.).

The trick to getting a straight photo, and thus, a square picture, is your stance:

lucky - stanceGabe was nice enough to take this picture for me. He thought it was pretty funny that I wanted a picture of me like this!

Basically, stand right over the LO, and shoot straight down. Most cameras have guidelines you can line up with the edges of your project but if yours doesn’t, just eyeball it. You can usually easily tell if the sides are square of if they taper off at the top. The problem most people tell me they have is that the pictures of their LO’s are narrower at the top than the bottom – that simply means you aren’t directly over the LO, you’re getting the “tapering into the distance” effect.

Also, to get the best quality picture, shoot at the highest resolution you can and get as close to the item you’re photographing as you can. Here’s the picture I took, straight out of the camera (SOOC). All that means is there’s been no editing, no cropping. If this was film, this would be the picture I got back from the developer:

lucky - SOOCSee? Very little left to crop and generally square and true. It’s not exact, of course, but once I edited for white balance and cropped (I use Photoshop Elements 11), I lost very little of the actual LO:

luckyYou can see the white is a little brighter, as are the colours, but with good lighting coming in from the door, it was pretty good to begin with. It’s always better to have good lighting to start with than to try and fudge it too much.

This page was made for a LO tag I did with a bunch of friends. I love these because it’s so much fun to see how it changes as it’s passed from person to person. If you’ve never done this before it’s a simple concept – one person makes a LO and shows it to the next person who scraplifts it. They then show their own LO, but not the original, to the next person in line who scraplifts that, and so on until you’re all done. The difference from the first to the last LO’s are always amazing! If you don’t have a group of friends close by, there are groups online who do this as well. Since you only need a picture, participants can be anywhere in the world!

Hmmmm, maybe I should start one here!

Moving on….

Lots of dimension with foam adhesive, wood veneer, roughed up edges, and layers:

lucky - dimension clusterAnd texture with doily elements and drywall tape (love that stuff!):

lucky -embellie clusterSo that’s it, you too can take straight and square pictures, I promise! And you can always ask if you have any questions or if I just completely confused you! :)



P.S. Don’t forget about Photo Crush, the FREE class over at Simple Scrapper! It starts on the 11th and you don’t want to miss out!

photo crush

Simple Scrapper | May 2015


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Yes, I’m the worst blogger in the world lately,  I know! But I have eye candy today, plus a new FREE class to tell you about (yup, I said free!), and I promise there’s lots more new stuff to share – I just need to get time to write it all up!

The LO I did from this month’s templates was full of inky, painty fun:

let it all hang out

I took the sketch and sized it down, plus rotated it so it’s quite different from the original but still follows the template. I loved the title in the corner on the sketch:

let it all hang out title

Plus, look at the sparkle the sequins add!

My Story Starter LO uses a picture from a few years ago when Kelly Purkey came to teach a couple of classes here. Although it was freezing outside, we took her to Signal Hill for a jumping picture. This LO uses the template in a very different way – I sized it way down to about 6×6 and then matted it on a 12×12 background. I love how it turned out!

because of them

Since there was a story to be told that I want to remember, but I hate adding journaling on LO’s, I added some hidden journaling:

because of them journaling

And I used up some flair badges and wood veneer I’ve been hoarding as well:

because of them embellies

You should definitely check out the Simple Scrapper team on my sidebar and visit them today to see what the other girls have created – they are such an awesomely talented group!

Now, onto the free class I teased you about!

photo crush

Jennifer has put together an amazing class called Photo Crush and this is what it’s all about:

7 Days to a Photo Library You Love

Are your photos disorganized? Fall head over heels for your digital photo library when you join simple memory keeping expert Jennifer S. Wilson in Photo Crush, a free week-long photo organization challenge May 11-17, 2015.

The membership at Simple Scrapper offers tools and support to help you enjoy scrapbooking more – to use the supplies you have, tell your stories, and have some fun among like-minded friends. 

 The best way to experience our community for yourself is at the upcoming Photo Crush event. During this 7-day challenge, Jennifer will help you streamline your photo library so that memory keeping is even easier. 

 Click here to sign up for FREE.

Seriously friends, this is going to be incredible! You’ll get your pictures organized, be able to find what you want when you want it, scrapbook easier, and it’s free! Go on, sign up now, I’ll wait…..

Ready? Good! I’ll see you there on the 11th!



The Premium Membership at Simple Scrapper provides skills and shortcuts to help you simplify and find more meaning in your memory keeping.

12 on Twelve | April 2015


It was a busy, go all over the place kind of day so for the first time ever I put down the big camera and went for my camera phone to capture the day. Here’s how it went down!

04 - april1. porch selfie

2. Let me out!

3. groceries

4. Nana finishing Molly’s sweater

5. watching movies on Nana’s computer

6. playing blocks

7. spending gift cards at Chapters

8. Don’t take Foxy’s picture!

9. brushing

10. Don’t take my picture!

11. laundry

12. bath, book, and chocolates



Simple Scrapper | April 2015


Simple Scrapper and the Premium Membership just keep getting better and better! Not only has Jennifer increased the value (you get so. much. stuff. for your membership!) but she’s updated the whole look of the members area and it’s amazing! If you’re a member and haven’t checked it out, you really should. If you’re not a member yet – why not?!? :)

One last thing before I share my LO’s for this month – there’s a new FREE class at Simple Scrapper called Photo Crush. It’s all about organizing your digital photos so they’re easy to find and use. You definitely want to sign up this one!

photo crushOnto the layouts!

The Story Starter theme this month is In Good Faith – anything and everything to do with faith, spirituality, and what sustains your soul, religious or otherwise.

The pictures are of my best friend and I, with our four kids (there’s now five, her belly isn’t so big anymore!) at Salmon Cove where my family has a cabin. We spend at least two weekends there every summer. It’s such a fun and important time for us that we actually plan the weekends in January every year to make sure going is a priority!

right here - right nowI added a bunch of phrase stickers rather than handwritten journaling:

right here - right now word stickers And made my plain chipboard alphas shimmery:

right here - right now shimmer titleMy template layout this month is pretty fun! I turned and flipped the sketch to fit what I wanted and took an awesome floor level pic to tell the story:

my everydayWhen  saw the parrot in the picture, I couldn’t resist stamping, colouring, and adding a  bird from the new Tim Holtz Bird Crazy set – they’re so kooky!

my everyday kooky bird

Don’t forget to go check out what’s going on this month and ogle the eye candy on our Team Pinterest page too!



The Premium Membership at Simple Scrapper provides skills and shortcuts to help you simplify and find more meaning in your memory keeping.

simple scrapper quickstart_header

Just Cuz…


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Edit: The post is up now!

When I first started blogging I used to do a weekly series called Tuesday Techniques. I loved it but it was super time-consuming and I just couldn’t keep up. So they stopped. However, those posts are still my most visited and pinned, by far and that’s why this post should make many of you very happy. :)

06 - title and embellies

Sam, Brittany, and Sarah from DIY Just Cuz contacted me a little bit ago to ask if I’d consider doing a guest post for their Scrapbook Series. And then they gave me free rein, as long as I stuck to a current trend, or tip and tricks post. Seriously??? How could I turn that awesomeness down?

So head on over to DIY Just Cuz and check out my step by step tutorial for watercolour backgrounds. Then go take a look at the rest of their blog, it’s a ton of fun!



Book of Me – Kid Style!


I was making a LO for something special (check back tomorrow!) and Gabe, of course, wanted in on the action. I set him up with a sheet of cardstock, his box of supplies and told him to go to town!

gabe is 5

Don’t you love that moustache? He asked for “the right kind of picture pen” to draw it on! Also, he obviously likes the shimmer as much as his mama does – not only did he add silver alphas and use a silver gel pen:

gabe is 5 title

He also insisted on ColorShine mist and star sequins:

gabe is 5 - shine

I did the mist tapping – I let him one other time and I’m still cleaning up the mess, lol! – but he told me what colour and exactly where it needed to go.

Naturally, when Molly came home from school, she had to do her own LO:

baby me

Unlike me, she likes the multiple photo, interactive idea:

baby me-  open

And finally, a sneak peek of Gabe’s birthday plans. I borrowed a stamp set from my friend Cathy to make the invites and Gabe wanted to make a poster. Apart from me lining up the buildings along the bottom, he did everything else himself – I think he’s going to be a darn fine stamper!


See you all early tomorrow for something fun! It’s also something I haven’t done here in a while! :)



What a Charmer| My Favourite Things 2015


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I stuck with my plan and used Ranger alcohol inks for this month’s Favourite Things class. These inks are made for use on non-porous and slick surfaces where they move and blend beautifully. Although I do like using that technique, my favourite is to use the inks on porous elements, like watercolour paper and sticky back canvas.

The first LO was simple blending of colours to make a striped effect. I love the intensity of the colours – I can’t get such richness with any other product I’ve found yet!

03 - loved

There were some awesome colour combos used in class for this! Although I generally use black and white photos when doing mixed media and/or colourful backgrounds so I can go with whatever colours I want at the time, many people brought colour photos and picked inks to work with them. I love seeing all the different preferences and ideas!

Once the majority of our background was done, we used Alcohol Blending Solution and extra ink to add some splatter and texture:

03 - texture

We finished it off by inking enamel chevron stickers to use as embellishments:

03 - altered epoxy chevrons

The second LO was made by using the alcohol inks over a stencil:

04 - charmer

We brought the chevrons back in on this LO but with wood veneer instead. We still coloured them with the alcohol inks and then added some shimmer because I’m obsessed, lol!

04 - stickers and wood veneer

I’m sorry I’ve been a terrible blogger lately – I know I’ve been totally AWOL! – but I can’t seem to get around my own self lately; I think winter is taking its toll! I do have posts for tomorrow (some fabulous “guest artists” will be featured!) and on Friday I have something fun to share so come back and check out all the eye candy!



12 on Twelve | March 2015


03 - march1. I finally sent the Christmas gifts to my brother, sister-in-law, and niece. Yes, I procrastinate. No, I’m not the worst relative in the world (I included handmade presents and birthday gifts, that should count for something!).

2. Selfie!

3. Gabe’s sign for his couch cushion fort: “no babies”  For the record, they didn’t pay attention to it!

4. Saucy face!

5. my boy #mistergabe

6. Foxy in the fort.

7. We had a crowd for lunch!

8. Watching movies and eating popcorn during naptime (I was at a funeral, Jennifer gives treats!).

9. Sweet girl.

10. Regular floor mess.

11. KTOL class – tap, tap, tap

12. New stamps – love these kooky birds!




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