Seasonal Canvas | Summer


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We’re heading into the finals of the Seasonal Canvas Class – only Fall left to do! If you want to check out the others we’ve done, there’s Winter and Spring.

For summer I did a clothesline, with a pretty common Newfoundland phrase, “Good day on clothes!” That’s what you’d say to neighbour over the clothesline when there’s a nice day for hanging out the wash.


Of course, since Molly’s favourite thing is Feel Bunny, I had to add her to the line – she smells so good after we hang her up by the ears!

summer bunny

The clothes are traced through a stencil by Nathalie Kalbach and then I  added details to each piece:

summer blouse

The sun is made by rubbing Inca Gold Old Silver into the texture made by the molding paste through a stencil:

summer sun

The seagulls have a bit of dimension so it looks like they’re flying off the canvas:

summer birdsFor me, the best part of these canvas classes is seeing how people look at what I made and then change it to fit their style – I love seeing their completed canvases!

I’m working on a new two layout page kit for the Paperie – Back to School – and I’m hoping to have that to show you in the next day or so. We’re hoping to get you several of these page kits over the year and they’re awesome! Everything you need to complete two full LO’s and maybe a couple of cards as well. Of course, they come with full colour instructions too – they’re the perfect thing to take to a friend’s house or crop if you don’t want to drag all your gear with you!


July | YLA2014


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I’m way behind in sharing things here but now that summer is almost over and school is in session again, I’m planning to get back to a regular schedule – fingers crossed!

Last month we did the July LO for the Yearlong Album class and it’s one of my faves. We used neon yellow and Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint, along with Distress Stains – it was all kinds of fun awesomeness! :)

07 - july

Isn’t it pretty with those soft colours? I love the yellow stain on the title:

july title

And look at all those awesome cracks – great texture!

july crackle

The Simple Stories element sticker sheet had fabulous pieces for this month too, perfect for layering and adding to photos:

The big change this month, as you may have noticed, was that we did a single page LO – and then we added a divided page protector!

The front has a great focal piece:

july page protector front

and the back is full of pics with a single scrapped square in each line:

july page protector back

If you go to my flickr account, I have closeups of each square so you can see the details!

Isn’t that a fun one? I’m kind of in love with the 3×3 divided page protector now – thanks October Afternoon!

I’ll be back in a couple of days with the Summer canvas class I taught. Only the Fall canvas left to make and we’ll have all four seasons completed!




12 on Twelve | September 2014


Another month, another 12 on Twelve – but this time my Nikon is on the fritz so I took all the pics with my phone. Not sold on that process, my friends, I miss my camera!


1. early morning boot camp – let’s go!

2. waiting for his ride to school – he loves kindergarten

3. making Aunt Madeline’s Blueberry Buckle

4. kitchen dance party!

5. crazy Ella, she wouldn’t come in out of the rain, just sat there looking pathetic

6. play date in the dirt – they had sand everywhere!

7. home again and enjoying blueberry dessert before lunch

8. Mm worksheet

9. quiet time, for all of us!

10. craft time after school

11. finishing a canvas donation for The Sunshine Foundation silent auction

12. evening treat – Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company peanut butter cups and Reese’s Pieces caramel apple


Simple Scrapper Show & Tell | September 2014




I love this time of month! All the Creative Team members for Simple Scrapper show off their work, the Team Gallery goes live, the membership magazine & templates are out, and, best of all, you can show off all your work too!

I had a lot of fun with the Story Starter prompts for September:

hey old friends

I love that pic of my friends and I!

This LO was a real collaboration – the template and story starter are from Simple Scrapper while the back ground techniques are from a class I took from my friend Cathie. Love all the layers:

hey old friends layers

And look at that awesome shine! I was also really happy with the way the title work came out, with those great India Ink splats around it:

hey old friends layers shimmer and title

The template LO is an idea I’ve had for a while but haven’t been able to get on paper until now:

sunshine or storm cloud

Don’t you just love Molly’s storm cloud face? We see a little too much of that lately! :)

I added a bunch of Twinkling H2O’s paint to the wood veneer to get some shimmer on them:

sunshine or storm cloud sun

And then I added two coats of glossy accents to the raindrops – they look fabulous in real life!

sunshine or storm cloud rain

Make sure you check out some of the other work from this month, either at the CT’s blogs or at the Team Gallery. Then, go leave a link for your own work so we can take look – don’t forget to leave some love for everyone along the way too!

I’m busy these days prepping a new class but I’ll be back later this week with some eye candy from classes I’ve recently taught – there’s been lots of good creating happening, my friends, I hope you’re all getting to do the same!


The Premium Membership at Simple Scrapper provides skills and shortcuts to help you simplify and find more meaning in your memory keeping.” 

June | YLA2014


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I’m sorry.

I’ve really been the biggest kind of slacker around here, especially since I promised this post weeks ago! But you’ll all forgive me, right? :)

For the June LO we did a patterned paper background, a rarity for me, and added all sorts of bits and pieces from previous classes:

06 - june

Some cork hearts and gold stars right on the pics:

june heart and stars

Chipboard hearts and the always present arrows on the edges of the pages:

june heart and arrows

And we layered flair with October Afternoon label stickers – I love how they fit right together!

june badge and sticker

For fun, we played with Black India Ink – the intensity of it when spattered is the best! Also the best? How one spot landed right where I needed a dot for my “j” – score!

june embellies

The next class is coming up next week and I’m excited for this one; we have fabulous stickers and a great divided page protector to play with!



12 on Twelve | August 2014



1. The longest part of the morning – getting Molly to drink a cup of milk

2. Gabe building Legos – a super Chi warrior

3. It’s Valentine’s Day at Scamper Day Camp

4. porch selfie, of course

5. labeling all the new school supplies

6. snack time

7. Spiderman swimming goggles

8. Butterfly princess #1 – Miss Layla

9. printing quotes for my summer canvas class

10. drawing a picture – “Look mama, it’s me and you but I’m bigger.”

11. Butterfly princess #2 – Miss Molly

12. bedtime…


Simple Scrapper Show & Tell | August 2014


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How is it time for another Show & Tell already? This summer is flying by way too fast!

My template LO this month also doubled as a LO I taught for a Distress Renewed class:

beautiful self

I love the texture, the colours, and the template I used! Check out this post for more details on that one.

My Story Starter LO was completely different but I love that *I* was able to get three, yes three, pictures on one LO! Big deal, my friends, you know I’m a one pic LO type of girl!

signal hill hikeI love the look of having the pics attached with washi tape, almost as if they were stuck on a bulletin board of some kind:

signal hill hike washi

And I had fun with different alphas, including a Studio Calico vellum one and a Prima fabric set:

signal hill hike alphas

Now, go check out what the rest of the Creative Team has designed this month and make sure you add your own name to the link up. We love seeing what everyone has created recently! And remember, it can be anything you’ve made, Simple Scrapper template or not!

Back soon with the most recent Yearlong Album LO’s – I introduced everyone to the deep black joy of India Ink!


The Premium Membership at Simple Scrapper provides skills and shortcuts to help you simplify and find more meaning in your memory keeping.



Painty fun!

I had another class in the Distress Renewed series last week and we got good and painty! So much so that I now have green all over one of my shirts – boo. Surprisingly, I don’t normally get dirty – I once wore white from head to toe while doing a Marah Johnson/Creative Imaginations mixed media class and came out of it spotless – true story!

Anyway….. here’s what we made!

We went blendy and drippy and rainbowy for the first one:

rainbow with gold

I added a great quote with the awesome Teresa Collins alphas:

rainbow with gold title

And we went dry brush crazy for the second!

beautiful self

Dry brushing over cold press watercolour paper makes some amazing texture!

beautiful self texture

And we finished it off with more stickers from the element sheet and some painted wood veneer stars:

beautiful self embellies

Of course, we played a bit and made card fronts with other Distress Paint techniques too…

Basic marbling:




image painting





Colour on black:

paint on black

Fun times, as always!

We have more of these classes coming up in the fall so if you have any products lying around, wondering what you could do with them, let me know – maybe they’ll be the focus of the next Renewed class!



12 on Twelve | July 2014

Better late than never this month! We spent the weekend with my oldest friend and her kids at Salmon Cove Sands where my family has a cabin. It’s a tradition for sure – Girl’s weekend plus Gabe – we’ve been doing it twice a summer since 2008 (though Gabe didn’t enter the picture until a year later!)july1. Every day is better when it starts with bubbles.

2. We were swarmed with ladybugs the whole day – lots of luck coming to us!

3. best of buddies, even with the ages going from 5-almost 11

4. my cousin Andrew, in the province to hike the East Coast trail – good to see him at one of our favourite places!

5. me and Suzette – bff’s since 1981

6. It’s not a day at the beach unless you dig a big hole…

7. or collect beach rocks and shells….

8. or get buried in the sand!

9. covered in dirt, surrounded by buckets, happy as can be.

10. yeah, they’re crazy…

11. and we’re adding a fifth one next year!

12. Huge moon, behind the clouds, over the ocean


Overheard – M&G


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background: The kiddos are in the basement trying to get rid of a big creepy crawly bug of some kind…..

Gabe: I’m freaking out!

Molly: No, Gabe! You have to save us!

Gabe: But I’m really freaking out! (he sounds pretty excited to me. Just saying. :) )

Molly: You’re Gabe the Brave, you can do it!

(Gabe comes upstairs): I need socks and shoes.

Me: Why?

Gabe (looking determined and thrilled): So I can squash it dead! Yeah! (insert fist pump here)

Gabe the Brave - bug killer extraordinaire

Gabe the Brave – bug killer extraordinaire

They’re a blood thirsty crew, my lot.

For the record, he squashed it dead *and* cleaned up the bug guts!



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