The 12 on Twelve project is one I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of. I really love these little snippets of what’s going on once a month. Sometimes it’s exciting, like when I was in Vancouver to visit my brother last November, and other times it’s just a regular old day. They’re still the best fun to do and look over every month!

01 - january1. Breakfast of my favourite cereal – Cheerios!

2. Typical and standard monthly porch selfie.

3. Green shoes today – giving my red ones a break.

4. Melting snowman!

5. snack time for the kiddies – goldfish, raisins, and Cheerios.

6. Rosie, in her favourite spot, getting a good scratch going.

7. Gabe did a lot today; first was adding pieces to his DIY Trebuchet from Uncle Graham,

8. then we played Scrabble,

9. after that was building a car with snap circuits,

10. and picking up blocks with the front end loader,

11. ending with running away from me and my camera!

12. Gym time with my girls on a night when I was so thankful they were around – they are the best!