Not sure how I completely missed posting my 12on12 last month, especially since I was in BC visiting my brother for those, but rather than make you sit through two posts I’ll just do them at once!


november1. Mom made us Partridgeberry Orange muffins – my favourites!

2. First Eggnog Latte of the season, yay! Decaf, for those who know me, lol!

3. Harbour in Vancouver – it was beautiful.

4. Selfie with my bro!

5. Graham photobombing my drink pic.

6. Very cool, and very old, photo processing technique that Graham’s friend did.

7. Graham setting up to take my picture for Mom (he has a fine arts degree from Emily Carr in photography).

8. fancy mocha on Granville Island (decaf again, of course!)

9. Macarons!

10.  Mom demoing a costume I bought for a friend (hi Cathy!)

11. Absolut Vodka gay pride bottles. They have an amazing message on them but I don’t think I got the photo, unfortunately.

12. New shoes, handmade John Fluevogs – I’m in love.



12 - december

  1. waiting for Santa to show up after breakfast at the church.

2. Gabe as a cartoon John Travolta – Darrell was entertaining him while we waited!

3. having a chat with the big guy.

4. Molly pretending to be Santa, deep voice and all!

5. Santa Claus is here!

6. rehearsing for the Christmas Pageant/White Gift service

7. wearing my new favourite shoes.

8. Lego Advent calendars – Gabe got presents….

9. …Molly got a little bunny.

10. Great sign and idea at the grocery store this afternoon.

11. watching a movie.

12. Reading by the tree.