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A while back I made this card and said that the back was so cool I was going to  make another one and use the back as the front.

So I did!

Once again I used the Aboriginal Stencil but I pulled out the 6×6 this time. I stuck with the Graphite Ferro and used different colours of mist. Here’s the back:

infinity - back

Yes. Gorgeous and yummy and sparkly, though you can’t see that very well in the pics. And here’s the front:


Isn’t that the coolest? Love how this technique works; I think it’s going to have to be part of a class sometime soon.

I printed the sentiment on Sticky Back Canvas then stapled it to the card, the texture is awesome:

infinity - wordsBasically, you need molding paste, water reactive mist, and lots & lots of water. Another upside of this card? Fabulous paper towels to use on upcoming cards!