listening: to Darrell’s iPod – he has it set up in the kitchen so it’s our daily playlist

eating: lots of fruit and cottage cheese

drinking: still water and wine – a mix of Moscato and Pinot Grigio

wearing: summer clothes – sometimes – but finally!

feeling: happy that it’s getting warmer and sunnier

weather: getting sunnier, warmer, and more like summer

watching: So You Think You Can Dance, Master Chef, and The Facts of Life

reading: old Nora Roberts books, nothing new on the list this month.

wanting: some beach time – Salmon Cove weekends are planned!

needing: more time, more inspiration, more time…

thinking: about Canada Day tomorrow and hoping for beautiful weather at Terra Nova Park.

enjoying: doing ICAD again; I’m already behind but it’s so much fun!

wondering: how to fit in all the summer things I want to do

wishing: the summer would go by slowly and with fabulous sunny days