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I have two LO’s left to share with you from the card kit, but I’ll only be posting one today. I have a couple of guest posts happening over on The Paperie blog through July and I’m holding onto one LO for those posts. I’ll let you know when to go check it out!

The card kit had a great sheet of pink cardstock in it that would make a fabulous card base but I couldn’t make it work for the picture ย I wanted to use, though I did want the pink. So I altered it to suit – in my mind, being able to change product to suit you is the number one best thing about mixed media!

I used matte multimedium to adhere some Ranger Tissue Wrap onto the cardstock. Over that I painted some layers of white gesso. Although gesso is normally used as a base and primer, one of my favourite ways to use it is to tone down colours and patterns.

I left some areas brighter, with less gesso, than others on purpose, like the title area:

i'll always be your baby - title

I really wanted to focus to be the title and photo, so I grounded my pic with layered strips of Allison Kreft paper and some washi tape, with a bit of twine tied around the photo itself. I finished that section with a brad and a punched border, all to draw your eye into that area:

i'll always be your baby - layers & punch

And overall, it’s pretty subtle, with just the right hint of pink for my girl and I:

i'll always be your baby

This LO was about a conversation Molly and I had approximately three weeks before Gabe was born – see how I can’t get the bottom button of my coat fastened? – and she was only 20 months old. It was pretty easy to get her to promise to “always be my baby!”