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1. So much for getting back on track with the blog this week. Stomach flu hit this house hard and today is the first time I’ve been on my feet. M was the worst and is still in bed, curled up next to daddy who finally succumbed today.


2. We have dinner plans with my dad tomorrow – Good Friday tradition is always his house for salt fish, yum! Unfortunately, it overlaps with my SIL this year so we’re missing out on her house but I’m hoping to convince her to go with a different day next year! ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Before they got sick, the kiddies were very excited for Easter Bunny to come. I’m crossing my fingers that they both are better by tomorrow and can enjoy the long weekend and their treats.

4. Saw this today and loved it. So easy that I may try to bang it out this evening – love how it looks!

5. Instagram is now on Android! It was the only app I envied on D’s iPhone and now it’s mine! Yay!

6. I’m hoping for beautiful weather and a healthy family this weekend – what are the chances?