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A new week is here, much too soon I might add – where did last week go? Oh. I remember. It went in a haze of sickness, and crankiness, and all around no goodness.

And P & C had their last day here. Boo. 😦

I’m really hoping to get back on track this week. I have two new little girlies starting with us, which may throw me off, but crossing my fingers that we can stay on schedule!

On Friday I had a guest blog post at The Paperie go live – go check it out, fun times with paint!

This week I’m redoing a LO that I will be teaching later this month, the original had a slight mishap with a cup of Starbucks hot chocolate. Guess who won?

So, making a new version, with a couple of fun tweaks added –  water is a great medium! Sign up at The Paperie, I’ll have sneaks of the new, improved LO tomorrow, I hope.

I’m still having a blast with the Online Card Classes Creative Chemistry 101 by Tim Holtz. I need a ream of tags, not just that measly pack of 20 they sell. And who knew all the cool stuff glossy paper could do? I thought I loved it before but now…

Here’s a bad phone pic of a 3 minute card for C’s birthday party yesterday. Seriously, not kidding. Very cool resist technique on glossy paper – love it!

happy dirtday!

And some of the Perfect Pearls stuff? Way cool! Those who know me know I love Perfect Pearls anyway – now I may be obsessed!

Basically, if you own any Ranger products at all, even one, go take this class, it’s worth it and you’ll learn to use your supplies in ways you could never even dream of! This is an intro video about the class…

Finally, we’re heading over to say goodbye to P & C tonight before they get on the road tomorrow for their big move. And who wants to make a long drive with no cookies?

My kitchen smells good!