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Since today was a holiday, M. spent part of yesterday and last night with Nana.

And since D. was still sick, that left G. and I alone together. And I realized that I never, *never* have him just on his own.

Last night we went and did some errands, stopped at The Paperie, and had McDonalds for supper – big treat!

Today, we went out and played a bit, then had a long visit with “the trains” as my kiddies fondly call Chapters. They know there are books, which they like to buy and take home, but the big Thomas the Train setup is the main attraction! We got lucky and had the place mostly to ourselves, something that never happens.

While we were there, Nana called and invited us to join her and Molly at a movie, G’s first (Mom, I need the tickets please!) so the four of us met up to watch The Lorax, which was really good! And G. sat through the whole thing, no wiggling or anything!

After the movie, G. and I headed home, while M. stayed with Nana a little longer (we met her later at Aunt Barbara’s house for an early Easter Egg hunt with the cousins). He fell asleep after our long day and had a bit of a nap in the car.

I have one on one time with M. almost every Saturday but I think she’s going to have to start alternating with G. – it was a blast to spend alone time with you, my baby!