My best and oldest friend had a baby this past year – I posted pics of him when he was born – and for his first Christmas I knew I had to do something super special.

James canvas

I’m very glad his name wasn’t Michael John, or something else just as long – not sure where I would have gotten a frame/canvas big enough!

I started with basic wooden letters and added a little something to each one:

James canvas - dude

I love these boy themed flair, the dude one made me laugh!

I also added blue stars to every letter – even boys need some shine, right?

James canvas - flair

The only problem I ran into was at the end when I went looking for a frame. I have these made for my own kiddies and they fit perfectly in a shadowbox. Do you think I could find one when I needed it? Not a chance.

I scoured the stores and finally ended up at Walmart with my fingers crossed.


As I turned to leave I noticed premade canvas pictures. And one was long and skinny – woohoo!

I grabbed and ran. I simply painted it over (sorry existing picture!) then added some paper and adhered my letters. Not exactly what I originally had in mind but I love how it turned out. Even better, so did James’ mom. πŸ™‚