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We’re at the end of it! Sorry it took a few days to get this one up but there’s a lot of pictures to edit and add in these posts! If you want see the whole mini album you can check out the Foundation, Days 1-9, Days 10-18, or you can see everything in my Flickr album.

day 19Gabe made me a snowman with a stripey hat that he cut out and it needed to be included today. I simply slipped it into a 6×8 page protector.

day 19aBecause I date stamp just about everything that comes into this house he added that information to the back himself. 🙂

day 19bThe two big things that happened today were both Santa related – letters came in the mail for the kids and they each got a video message from the man himself! I added some text in Photoshop Elements and then put the number and “hello Santa” sticker on over the page protector.

day 20

My final YLA2014 class for the year. The cork frame is from the Freckled Fawn kit and the rest came from the DD kit. Another half sheet of printed transparency to split the two days.

day 21The kids made faux stained glass Nativity scenes in Sunday School and also had another visit from Santa.

day 21 transparencyI used another see through piece and lined up matching size stickers front and back. The transparency is Stampin’ Up! And the Freckled Fawn kit came through again with the epoxy stickers.

day 22One of the best nights this Christmas – The Once concert! Another local band who is making it big, they’re currently touring around the world with Passenger, we have loved them for a long time but this is the first time we’ve made it to their annual Christmas Show. It didn’t disappoint!

day 22aIf you look closely you’ll notice that some members have too many arms and hands, oops! We were in the very front centre and too close for my camera so Darrell took some pano shots with his phone. They came out great except for the moving musicians! More DD and FF kit embellishments over the page protector to add a little bling. And yes, it’s in my album sideways – that type of thing doesn’t bother me at all.

day 23Last day of work and so we had some fun making tiny little gingerbread houses! I’ve learned that life is much easier and happier when everyone has their own house to decorate! We also started putting decorations on the tree, one of the things the kids love to do  themselves. I added glitter and velvet ribbon and trims to the date card, then finished it with another FF cork piece. The wood veneer number is also FF and heat embossed silver then layered over two heart transparencies and added to an old Studio Calico tag.

day 24One of our favourite days, Christmas Eve. We always spend it at my Dad’s house for Salt Fish and Brewis with Drawn Butter and sides of Raisin Bread and Boiled Raisin Cake – true Newfoundland tradition. Following our own family tradition the kiddies got new jammies. Molly and Gabe also started a new one for them – sleeping together. Molly has bunkbeds so they often have sleepovers together but they got it in their heads that they needed to be in the same bed on this special night. It brought back lots of memories because my brother and I did the same thing for years. Even after we got older we still camped out in my room for the one night a year. It must be genetic!

I added two of the transparent pieces – the tree and word – to the date card and embellished with DD puffy stickers.

day 24 flipThe date card flips to see another pic of the kids eating, wearing their Christmas cracker hats and I embellished with more of those transparent words and shapes.

day 25The final transparent words – “december” and “twentyfive” – made it into the pocket along with plastic stars and confetti. I added a heart and the “twinkle” transparency to that gorgeous gold foil 25 paper. Only one picture for Christmas Day but I love it – they were so excited!

photo a dayI finished off the book with all the pics from my Photo a Day prompts. I don’t have them all printed yet but this is how they look. I always like adding that project in this mini.

That’s all, folks! A lot of pictures, I know, but I hope you got a little inspiration or enjoyment.