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It’s that time of year again friends – crafty kids time! I’ve got a couple to show you today, for a couple of different age ranges.

First up is our reindeer, inspired by my friend Krista. This is great fun for the older kids who can help each other trace out their hands and forearms and then cut them out. For the younger ones you’ll have to do the cutting and assembling but they think it’s funny when you tickle them by tracing!

I used black construction paper for the “antlers” and made sure to trace their forearms so we have room to stick them onto the head:

reindeer antlers

The face was just brown construction paper cut into a wonky oval shape:

reindeer head

Add some googly eyes, a glitter nose, and a mouth and you’re done!


We also made snowmen. I bought a bunch of styrofoam cups for Halloween a couple of years ago to make ghosts and I thought they would be great for snowmen too!

For Heidi, who’s two and a little bit impatient 🙂 I simply drew a line around the top of the cup and told her to colour it in for his hat (she picked out all the colours):

snowman colouring

Then she we added eyes, a nose, and a mouth to call him good (I poked a hole in the top of the cup to thread string so we could hang him).

snowman head

For the older kids, I strung three cups together, separating them with buttons tied on the string to hold them apart.

snowman assembly

They added the hat to the top cup, then eyes, nose, mouth, arms, and buttons.

snowman layered

Isn’t he fun? He wiggles around when a breeze hits him, lol! This happens to be the prototype that I made with glitter glue so you can see that you can really add all sorts of fun stuff if you feel so inclined – my two added real buttons down his front! It just occurred to me that you could colour the lip of the top cup to make a scarf too.

Anyone else out there making crafts this Christmas? Link me up – I’m running out of ideas!