So. Halloween was pretty epic this year.

halloween - my two

We had a fall fairy who morphed into a pirate for the actual door-to-door part of the festivities:


halloween - fairy1

and Terry the Fox,who carried an awesome sign with him.

halloween - fox1

There were of course the parties at school, and Sparks, and we naturally had one here!

halloween - snacks

And it was very loud in my little house with all those hyped up kiddies.

halloween - group1

Then the trick or treating began and my two were 100%, wholly into it this year.

halloween - trick or treating

To make it even more fun, their friend J went to a few houses with them and he was so excited that he was literally jumping up and down on the doorsteps!


Isn’t he the cutest?

A few visits to friends, and we ended the (very cold) evening at my Dad’s, as usual, for a late supper. Fun times, a fair amount of sugar, and two very tired little people.

It was awesome.