listening: to family – we’re all at the cabin and it’s loud!

eating: lots of ice cream – it’s my daily go to lately

drinking: chocolate milk and cold white wine (with ice cubes!)

wearing: summer clothes – loving my black sandals


feeling: overwhelmed with change – Liam is leaving, Hannah and Heidi are coming, and Molly is about to start Grade 1- full days!

weather: mostly beautiful but lots of rain the past week

watching: SYTYCD, Master Chef,  & The Facts of Life  – summer ‘13 is all about TFOL!


reading: Big Girl Panties,  a recommendation from Krista’s blog

wanting: more summer, I’m not ready for it to be over yet!

needing: more creative time that’s just for me

thinking: about how I love my weekends away from home

enjoying: Art Journaling and drawing faces – who knew?!?


wondering: how different life will be next week once school starts

wishing: my babies would stay babies – they grow too fast.