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I was playing in my Art Journal this morning, trying out gelatos (fun times!) and making a watery mess. Usually, once my background is done, I’m stuck.

Not so this morning, my friends!

I went to work on a face. And she was going really well…

Then, I messed up the mouth. And in trying to erase it a little, all the paper tore off. Now, let’s be honest here; if I was the patient type (I’m not) and if I had waited for the background to dry properly (I didn’t) I would have had some nice, dry cardstock to work on and none of this would have happened.

If trying to fix the mess of the mouth and torn paper, I destroyed her nose. Sigh. Seriously world? Come on already!

So I threw up my hands, grabbed a tag I had made, and stuck it over her mouth and nose. Problem solved! πŸ™‚

A Donna Downey stamp, a line of journaling under that, and a bit of Payne’s Grey Golden paint (totally in love) over a stencil and I called it fixed and done!

imperfection - tag

Oh, and since I ripped her face apart, I gave her a fancy hair piece to kind of make up for it – do you like her golden feather? πŸ™‚

imperfection - feather

I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day and she said she didn’t like colourful backgrounds behind faces – she couldn’t get past the non-flesh colour. Making this I completely realized that what I like is the unusual colours, I don’t want flesh colour – I like the interest the background work gives the face. What do you all think? Do you prefer the norm or the oddball colouring?


I did make a double background so hopefully, when I go to work on the next page, the wet factor shouldn’t be an issue!