On Saturday I took an awesome class with Cathie. I normally only use mixed media on my canvases (though I’m working on bringing it to my LO’s too) but Cathie’s a genius at the mixed media LO’s. This particular class was all about layers – 7 to be exact!

I only have one completed, due to flicking white mist all over the picture for the second LO, but I managed not to destroy the picture for this one and love the colour and movement in it.

one in a million

I really love all the layers, especially the doily to pull your eye through all the layers around the picture:

one in a million - doily

And this really is One in a Million:

one in a million - title stickers

My Gabe, the day he was born. He came super fast so was pretty bruised and beat up in this picture, hence the darkness to his normally very pale complexion!

Cathie has blogged both LO’s from the class here, and Krista, our very clean and simple friend, also blogged her experience with the class here. I love it when we can bring another one to the dark side of messy hands!

I’ll post the other LO as soon as I get it finished, but I do have lots of other work to do this week for upcoming classes and for Simple Scrapper.

One of the things I’m finishing off is my LO for the Yearlong Class this weekend. After Cathie’s class I came home, looked at what I had done and started counting layers – 6! Think I can get another on there before Sunday? ๐Ÿ™‚ The funny thing? They’re completely different layers than hers – isn’t mixed media fun?!?

april spread - sneak