Still using the Nifty Fifty lens way too much, but I don’t care – it’s my fave! And as for this 12 on Twelve project – over a year in and I’m still loving it.


1. Molly giving daddy his regular hug goodbye.

2. Gabe wanting to get in on the morning hugging action.

3. My standard monthly selfie in the porch mirror.

4. Molly playing with her giant sticker book making a  princess scene – with a helper!

5. Reading a story while waiting for swimming.

6. I got to go watch this week – and he spent more time watching me than paying attention!

7. All wrapped up after his swim.

8. Field trip! At Michael’s with the boys.

9. Best fun ever – water fountains!

10. All worn out  – sleeping in the car on the way home.

11. Friends over to play so making funny faces on the sofa is a must!

12. Anti-bullying day – Molly showing off her badge in her pink gear.