This is the second LO I made at Cathie’s 7 Layer LO’s class. Loved this one right from the start – I mixed my own paint colour (using Silks, of course!) and we played with monoprinting, molding paste, gesso, and stencils.

I took this pic of Gabe when he was only a few days old – the pictures are deceiving but he was so teeny tiny here! And that white hair – it kills me.

and then there was you

I added InkaGold to the molding paste once it had dried and the shine is awesome sauce:

and then there was you - inkagold

Some doodling with my black pen:

and then there was you - doodling

And layers of stickers and doilies and things to finish it off:

and then there was you - layers

I had originally planned to have one picture of Gabe and one of Molly but the colours were both so perfect for his pics that she got left out this time. I guess that just means I’ll have to make some for her at the Retreat this weekend!


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