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listening: to Molly sing. All day, everyday – sometimes she sings French songs she’s learned at school but most often they’re made up about whatever she’s playing with at the time.

sweet molly

feeling: sick of winter and cold weather.

weather: cold, rainy, with more and more sunny breaks all the time. Now if only it would warm up…

eating: lots of mini eggs. And I don’t even like milk chocolate. Easter chocolate is the worst…

mini eggs

drinking: Coco Chai tea, steeped in hot milk – it’s yummy! And more water than usual, trying to keep a glass around all the time.

needing: to share this picture of Ella. The kids were thrilled to see that these little leprechaun hats fit her though she was not a fan. Our cats put up with an awful lot around here!

leprechaun ella

thinking: about LO’s I want to do and techniques I want to try.

watching: The Voice and American Idol – terrible TV but I love it!

reading: not a whole lot. Any suggestions?

enjoying: funny Mister Gabe – he makes the craziest faces and tells silly jokes that make no sense at all!

the faces of gabe

wearing: summer shoes. I’m determined to get rid of the boots and socks.

wanting: to go see Oz the Great and Powerful in 3D, at the theatre, on the big screen.

wondering: how my quilt is going to turn out. I already have plans for at least two more so I’m crossing fingers it goes really well!

quilt top

wishing: that it was summer already!