1. I’ll be back tomorrow with sneaks of the technique tags I’ll be teaching in my card class during the Kelly Purkey weekend – it’s almost here!

2. There are only two Things on Thursday today because this one is big….

…I’m making a quilt!

I’ve wanted to do this for years but I’m a master procrastinator so it just never happened. Finally, my friend Marg who, among many other arty things, also quilts, offered to teach a few of us! This is the first one we’re making, just a little strip quilt, but I’m pretty impressed with how straight my seams are and how well I lined them up on either side of the quilt – they’re off a bit but I expect all of you to overlook that part! πŸ™‚


Doesn’t it look like the perfect size for a baby quilt? I’m really hoping I don’t mess the rest of it up because my plan is to give this very special first ever sarathings quilt to a wonderful friend. She’s expecting her first baby and I may actually be more excited for her than I was for myself – really, I’m that thrilled!

She was also one of the very first people to meet little Miss M Β – my quilt top holder-upper helper:


So I think my friend deserves something from me that is as fabulous as she is. Please tell me the colours are good for either a boy or girl though honestly, I don’t really care either way!

Wish me luck on the rest and cross your fingers that I don’t destroy it along the way!