Still going strong and still loving this project!

(As always, click on any photo to make it larger.)

Week 7:

A couple of weeks before Halloween but it’s definitely making itself known in our world! We bought pumpkins, went to Sunday School, played in the park…

…and made yummy brownies. Our city also got fancy new garbage cans that can be picked up by the truck itself – big excitement for 3-year-old boys!

M also drew a bunch of “Underwater Things.” Since she almost always draws people, or people holding people-shaped balloons, I had to keep this one!

Another week of fabulous weather and I’m hanging onto it as long as I can!

Week 8:

More Halloween lead up; we decorated little pumpkins, got M to agree to braids, and she drew trees on a picture:

We had lunch at the Harbour Front Park, I took a “make your own kit” class with Krista and designed my own page kit for the Retreat. The big deal this week was Marvin the Monkey – he lost an arm. It was repaired and a sling put on – can’t have a missing arm replaced without some fanfare after all!

The space at the bottom is for a pic of the LO I made from the kit I put together in Krista’s class. I’m having Photoshop issues so it will have to wait a little!