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So, remember the other day I told you I was busy this week? Well it was brought to my attention that I might feel like I’m busy because I’m teaching 5 classes in 10 days.


In 10 days.

I just want to make sure you got that!

That means a bunch of instructions (which I hate doing and always put off until the last possible second), 5 lots of kits, 5 lots of prep, a zillion pictures to edit, and all sorts of last minute things to tie up.

There are two day-long classes mixed in here (though I’m only a small part of one of those) and what’s going to be a very fast paced and intense mini album class tonight. We’re cutting and putting together an entire 10 page protector mini in 3 hours – drink your coffee girls, you’re going to need it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, this morning I get a text from a friend who is throwing a bachelorette party tomorrow night – can I make a couple of drink menus?

I had to laugh.

But they only had to be white and silver, and it was a New Year’s Eve theme. Ok, easy. And since I am obviously on a crafting roll this week, why not?

Here’s what I did:

Drink menus

Super simple – printed in black on smooth white cardstock and embossed the image and edges with silver powder. Easy but effective and they were a hit with the friend who requested them.

Sometimes I need to remind myself, keep it simple silly!

Oh, and I totally forgot to draw a winner for the Technique Tag from last Tuesday – sorry! The random number generator picked edyB! Yay! Email me your mailing info at sarathings(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll send the card out to you!