I actually did start Project Life the first week of September, like I said I was going to, and have kept up with it since – a big deal for me!

Since I really don’t need to bore you with all 8 weeks I have done all at once, I’m going to be nice and just show a couple of weeks at a time. Of course, it looks pretty similar to any other PL album – I just have my own pictures in it! 🙂

Here’s the title page:

Wood veneer, washi tape, and the Turquoise core kit – pretty simple!

Week 1 was jam packed with the last long weekend of the summer, M starting school, G starting swimming, and all the regular life stuff too so I had an insert:

Here’s the main spread on it’s own:

And this is the flip I made for some of Miss M’s first day of school stuff – this is what’s behind the bears picture!

My favourite pictures this week are the one of M jumping for joy before going to her first day of school and this one:

My kiddies throwing sawdust, aka. fairy dust, at the cabin. I love how the wood veneer stars turned out on the photo.

Week two had some more inserts since our fabulous, best ever in the whole world babysitter was here one night and did some crafts and also, it was 12 on Twelve:

I love how the 12 on Twelve is turning out – numbered photos on the front and descriptions on the back. I did it again for October and still love it so I think that will stay. A nice overview of daily life each month!

Again, here’s the main spread on it’s own:

It was an other busy week – last ice cream truck visit of the summer, swimming starting for M, Poppy learning to ride a motorcycle (never in a million years thought my dad would be a biker dude!), and M had a visit from a friend one afternoon.

Love those 3×4 journal cards with the alphabet, like the one on the far right – colouring in the initials of the girls and being able to customize them so easily is awesome!

I’m attempting to keep this album flat and simple and so far that’s helping me to stay up-to-date without having to stress over it. Adding to a running word document each day (thanks for that idea, Liz!) gets all my journaling out of the way and I try to sit down each Sunday to pick photos. Once they’re printed and in the book, the rest is gravy!

I’m already discovering that I love looking back even though it’s super simple and I’m only a few weeks in – I can only imagine how much I’ll like looking at it 6 months from now!

Next Wednesday, Weeks 3 & 4!