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1. The Canada Day long weekend was fabulous. Truly. I’m used to having RDF for Canada Day due to capelin weather so the sun and high temps were a welcome change!

And now I can picture some of you saying, “RDF? Capelin weather? What?” πŸ™‚

RDF is rain, drizzle, and fog and we usually get lots of it late June and early July. We call it capelin weather because that cool, overcast weather is what causes the capelin to roll. Capelin are little fish, good to eat but tedious because of all the bones, that roll in from the ocean onto the beaches to spawn. With all those little fish rolling in, the whales come too, chasing food. It’s fun times and the beaches are swarming with people catching dinner!

D took the kiddies out a couple of weekends ago to Middle Cove Beach. M thought they were “disgusting” and wouldn’t touch them (ha!) but G picked up as many as he could and threw them back in, dead or alive!

2. As I sit here typing this I’m hearing a wonderful sound for the first time this year – the ice cream truck! When we moved in 5 years ago and I was very pregnant Β with M, I was beyond thrilled to see it and must have looked like a lunatic skipping out to the truck with my enormous belly!

3. Last weekend we went to Central NL and spent the weekend at my in-laws cabin on the lake. This weekend my best and oldest friend (we met when we were 6 and have been together ever since!) are taking the kiddies to my family’s cabin on the beach. The weather is calling for rain, boo, but we’re going regardless. And darn it, we will have fun and we will play on the beach!

This pic is from last year, G is missing though he did go and you can see the craziness we get up to. Crimping iron, anyone?

4. We recently discovered that a little girl just a year older than M is our backyard neighbour. Since her dad is redoing the fence we’ve been talking and have all decided to put in a gate. This means easy access for the two girls and a lot less whining filling my day! For the other girl’s dad, who works nights, it means a little uninterrupted sleep during the day while she plays with and entertains M. A win-win in my book!

5. We had a special visitor today. A few of my girlfriends and I placed a Simon Says Stamp order and Krista showed up this morning to pick up her stuff. And she brought Eugene, her 6 month old cocker spaniel. To say he was a hit with the kids and vice versa is an understatement! They were all wired up to say the least, and I imagine Eugene slept most of the afternoon away! We’re hoping for a return visit soon so he can play in the sprinkler! πŸ™‚

6. As you all know, I’ve been doing an Index Card A Day. One of the women in the Flickr group does the most incredible doodles and did this one of the American Flag. I loved it and commented that she should do a Canadian one for me – and she did, right in time for Canada Day! Isn’t it amazing?