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First of all – Happy Fourth of July to all the Americans celebrating out there – enjoy the food, the fireworks, and the fun!

Onto the cards!

Day 32

This started out with a layer of light molding paste over a new stencil which was misted with red and yellow when it dried. To blend the colours I just sprayed some plain water.

Once the card was completely dry, I stamped (and stamped off) some leaves and added the quote. Then I cut out 6 different sections with my Fiskars fingertip knife and added some book paper and old paper towels behind the open spaces. Love how it turned out!

The most fun thing about this? The translucency of the paper towel – very cool when held up to the light!

Oh, and the true colour of the card is more like this one!

Day 33

I finally decided to try my hand at a mandala. I’ve always thought they look incredible and one woman I follow on Instagram, Emily Lagore, does amazing ones. Here’s my, very imperfect and non symmetrical, take on a mandala:

Considering this was my first attempt ever, I’ve really happy with how this turned out!

When M saw my “pretty flower” she wanted to make one too! As always, she was very specific as to where the mist should be sprayed and once it dried, she drew everything herself. I told her to draw an “x” and then a plus sign so she had 4 intersecting lines, and I gave her ideas like, draw circles in the pie pieces, or dots all around the outside, but she came up with everything else herself. I think she did an awesome job!

I got a fun little package in the mail today with new ink pads and fun stars so I’m sure some of that will make it on today’s card! Come back and see it tomorrow!