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The card for June 5 was a doozy. It just wouldn’t work for me – thank goodness for children!

How about if I explain that a little? πŸ™‚

This card started with the most amazing wash of blue and teal and green watercolour paints. It was gorgeous. Sigh.

Then I used a stencil and Distress Ink. Yuck. I’ve now ruined my beautiful background and have nothing. Frown.

And then M let out a roar, “G is ruining my paints!”

That G… He rubbed his paintbrush into all the pots until we had a lot of brown mud and a very unhappy painting girl. So I took a napkin and wiped out each pot, cleaning them all out and explaining to the 3-year-old that it wasn’t nice to ruin his sister’s things (I’m 99% positive it went in one ear and straight out the other).

BUT…. I had this napkin full of cool colours. Hmmmmm.

I peeled apart the layers, tore off a section, and used Matte Multimedium Β to adhereΒ smoosh it onto my card. Tore the edges, leaving them ragged, and let it dry. Pretty cool.

And then I noticed the stencil showing through the napkin – even cooler! A good mist of Heirloom Gold Perfect Pearls, a great Ali Edwards Stamp, and a wood veneer heart. Awesome!

See that blue? That’s in M’s Crayola set – so beautiful!

Remember this moment
Cherish this story
Celebrate this life

My kids saved my butt today!

And now, here’s the very special card:


M made it herself! And she stopped painting before it made brown sludge (that’s normally her end point!) She had cut the top off the card before painting so she picked several Washi tapes to stick it back on – that was the only thing I helped with, lining them up over the seam properly.

Don’t you love it? Wait till you see tomorrow’s! πŸ˜‰