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This one turned out a little more interesting than I expected due to the Perfect Pearls Mist and how it reacted to the texture gel I used. The outcome was a pretty cool effect!

I first laid down a Christy Tomlinson SheArt stencil and spread Liquitex Coarse Texture Gel over it. Normally I’m too impatient to wait for it to dry and heat set it, which makes some neat effects, but this time I was busy during the day and so it had time to dry on its own.

Once dry, I did one quick spray with Adirondack Color Wash, misted with water to get it all to spread and blend, and then dried the card. I stamped a sentiment and *almost* called it boring, but done.

But I had to add some shimmer, just had to add something to give it a little more oomph. So I sprayed Blue Patina Perfect Pearls Mist, assuming I’d get a bit of blue shimmer over the whole thing and make it a little more fun.

Boy, was I wrong! For some reason, the texture gel resisted the mist, causing it all to pool in the spaces between and making them super blue and shimmery – awesome! I love the Blue Patina colour so was very happy to really see it stand out and it looks amazing with the purple mist!

Isn’t that the coolest? All in all, this turned out way better than first thought – I love unexpected outcomes!

Stop back tomorrow, I have two cards to share – one is a very special one! 🙂