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After last week and all the sickness that flooded through here, I was looking forward to a long weekend of well and happy people and, for the most part, I got it – yay!

D was still a bit off his game so on Thursday night and Friday, G and I got to spend some very rare quality time together while M went to Nana’s for the night. We headed to D’s sister’s house Friday afternoon for an early egg hunt and play time with the cousins, then to my Dad’s house for salt fish and brewis, my favourite!

Saturday was our regular crazy day – gymnastics for G, groceries, gymnastics for M, finish errands, and by that time the day is over! Not too hard to get the kiddies in bed though – they knew the Easter Bunny was coming (M did try to stay awake to see him!).

That Easter Bunny is pretty smart and left new Series 6 Lego men and sticker books outside their bedroom doors which meant M and G could curl up in our bed at 6:30 rather than drag us downstairs at that early hour! Finally though, the excitement couldn’t be contained and they took off. I have to say, they were super good at finding their treats and at sharing them. If M saw two chocolates together, she took one and called G over for his. Of course, they had a few other things like colouring books and tiny toys mixed in too.

After the great hunt, we headed to the Bagel Cafe for breakfast as a treat – M loves to eat breakfast in a restaurant – and the kiddies got free Easter pancakes, chocolate with mini eggs baked in!

We had a lazy afternoon, something we never get around here, then headed to my mom’s house for ham dinner.  By the time we got the kiddies home and in bed, it was 9:30, way, way, waaaaay past their bedtimes! Suffice it to say, they’re actually upstairs taking naps today!

I did my best to get some pics, but with a girl who hates getting hers taken, it’s always a struggle. Here are the best. Really, I’m not kidding!

You've got to get past the faces pictures first...

Here's the only smiling one - silly bean!

Mr. G, lazing around!

Hope you all had wonderful weekends and enjoyed your Easter! Back tomorrow with some fun Things on Thursday!