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1. I’M BEING PUBLISHED!!!!!! Yes, that was me screaming and yelling and doing a happy dance! It’s not out until August and don’t worry, I’ll be sure to remind you all! Thank you, Northridge Publishing, for liking my work! (Insert blushing smiley face here!)

2. One little downside to the publishing thing – though since I get to play with paper some more it’s not really a downside – I have to remake the class I’m teaching next week. That’s right, any of you who have signed up for my Artist Printer Tray class at The Paperie, you’re doing a soon to be published project, that will now be a bit different! We’re still using the same papers, but I have to change up the design for you all a bit. Side note: We still have space available for that class, so sign up, it’s a great home decor piece (I can say it’s great now, because someone else loves it too!) and it would make an awesome Mother’s Day present!

3. We have a multitude of couches, tons of chairs, and several beds in this house. And this is where G chooses to read:


4. M & P have taken to colouring in the same book at the same time. They sit at the corner of the table so they can turn the book just so and colour away. They’re getting really good too, even though M says she doesn’t like colouring!

5.  I know I mentioned this class in passing but I am *loving* the Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry Class through Online Card Classes! Brilliant videos, awesome, easy to understand information, great PDF’s for reference. Anyone who works with ink should do this course, especially scrapbooking or craft store owners and instructors. I can guarantee this class will help you better understand inks, their properties, how to use them, and in return, how to sell them better and make yourself more money!

I’m doing the interactive class, which means I’m doing it live, as it’s posted, but you can sign up anytime and do the course at your own pace. The only difference is that the forums are closed. You can still read everything (and Tim answers any question people have) but you can’t comment yourself.

6. Did I mention I was getting published? 🙂