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1. Looking forward to playing with my friends tomorrow night at The Paperie crop night – fun, laughing, scrapping, and food!

2. He may be a devil, but he’s my devil – and a cute one!


3. Posted on Twitter last night that I was starting work on the April LO for the 2012 Yearlong Album. Here’s another (very preliminary) sneak:

April Sneak Peek!

4. Watched American Idol last night – yes, it’s my guilty pleasure! At least this year I have a decent bunch to listen to. Last night, Joshua Ledet. Yup. That’s all I have to say.

5. I’ve been taking a Photo a Day since my birthday and it’s fun to take (usually) bad pics with my phone and an app called Camera360.

Yesterday the prompt was Clouds. This is Newfoundland people, clouds are no problem.

Unless it was yesterday. This is the pic I finally got:

Photo a Day prompt - Clouds

Do you see the clouds? No? That’s what I thought…

6. The cold snap we’re having needs to stop. The kids are going insane being barred up in the house and so, of course, am I!

Right now, they’re running as fast as they can (because they’re cars) around the living room, down the hall, through the kitchen, around the island, and back again. I’m pretty certain there will be tears before it’s over….. UPDATE: Yay! No wipeouts, no tears!

7. In the middle of the car race, I got this pic from the girlies – love those two together. We’re going to miss P so very much. 😦

M&P hugging