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I took part in Dear Lizzy’s 12 on Twelve on Monday. Obviously, I took more than 12 pictures, but these were the ones I finally went with, as an overall view of our day:

1. M looking down on me with her “mad face”

2. The forks the kids use every. day. Even for their fruit.

3. Rosie curled up in the middle of the chaos.

4. Ella curled up in the middle of the chaos.

5. M and D in the kitchen after supper.

6. M’s party skirt. Which she wore all day with polar fleece pants – she’ll be a trend setter, that one!

7. G’s blond curls.

8. G eating supper and totally ignoring me!

9. Flowers from my dad and Debbie for my birthday.

10. Raspberry Truffle Blizzards as a late night snack!

11. M looking up at me for a pic, but only because she thinks it’s funny to have me standing right over her with the camera!

12. A selfie, taken in the (very dirty) kitchen window.

It was fun to take a bunch of candids, and not worry about the lighting or anything else. I really didn’t care how good the pictures were, I just snapped them off. I think I’ll have to do this again next month – if I remember!