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1. D was just approved to teach a course at College of the North Atlantic in Studio Photography Techniques Level 1 – very excited with and for him, especially since he developed the class himself! If you’re in and around St. John’s, it runs Monday nights from May 7 – June 18, with a break May 21 for the long weekend, and it will be in a full photography studio. If I knew anything about f-stops and apertures, I’d probably be doing it myself… πŸ™‚

2. It’s finally a nice winter’s day! No wind, fairly warm (for winter!), enough snow but not too much… Perfect! Which means cabin fever has been relieved and the kiddies enjoyed a good time in the backyard going down the slide (yeah, never got around to putting it away in the fall!),Β shovellingΒ with the sand shovels (ditto), and throwing snow in each others faces.

3. My nephew placed third in his Kiwanis Music Competition for piano! Way to go N! We’re so proud of you!

4. Is there any need? I know we don’t let them outdoors, but you’d swear they were mistreated prisoners willing to do anything to escape.

Rosie - escape artist wannabe

5. I’ve decided to do Project 365 (well, that would be Project 366 this year!) I know you’re thinking, “Little late to the game, sister!” but, although I have pics for almost every day so far this year, I’m going to start on my birthday at the end of the month. I figured that since I take all these pics anyway, I might as well look organized and committed to a project, right?

6. I have one more set of instructions to write for the new Yearlong Album Class on Sunday – and I have to head into The Paperie tonight to get them all kitted up. We were worried that a special addition to the kit was going to be late, but it arrived just in time – yay!

Hope you’re all enjoying your day, wherever that may be! And if it’s a warm place, please invite me to visit – I’ll beg if necessary! πŸ™‚