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Hahaha! Are all the non-Newfoundlanders confused yet? Roughly translated, that means, “You are all the finest of people!” Want to know some more traditional Newfoundland phrases and words? Check this out!

There’s actually a reason I started this post like that and it all has to do with Valentine’s. A local company here, Newfoundland Chocolate Company, made special Love Bars this year and they were hugely popular. As in couldn’t keep them in stock and they have been sent all around the world popular. And they’re delicious – milk chocolate (normally not my thing) filled with salted caramel. Seriously yummy!

They made several different labels – Luvs Ya, Kiss me Luh, Me Trout, and of course, Best Kind (side note: the most popular was Arse on Dat, hahaha!). I grabbed a bunch of Best Kind bars and made cards for the parents of the kids I look after.

valentine's cardsI had some watercolour paper I had painted and embossed and demoed on so I used that for my punched green hearts. Then I used old glitter wrap for the other hearts:\

valentine's cards closeupAnd inside, a sweet treat!

valentine's cards insideI love how they turned out – they still make me giggle, lol!