So yesterday was the midway point in this year’s Week in the Life Journey and, as is normal for me in all parts of my life, the midway point was the hardest. Wednesday’s are always the worst at bootcamp – I have no energy – and the same goes for this project. I took less pics than usual (though I still had tons!) and I wrote less on my daily sheets. I just hit a wall in the middle of things!

But today is a new day and it’s Halloween so I’m sure there will be too many pictures today to make up for yesterday!

Here are my favourites of the week so far:

On Monday my mom’s cousin sent her some old pics:

witl - monday1

My grandmother – Molly is named after her. She’s Molly Nora.

witl - monday2

My grandfather – the best man, best person I’ve ever known. He was truly one of a kind. So was my grandmother, they were two incredible people.

Tuesday, according to Gabe, was the worst day ever:

witl - tuesday

I love that he took a selfie while keeping the pout, ha!


witl - wednesday2Love it when she’s silly.

witl - wednesday1

Love it when he stays in his footie jammies all day – makes me feel like he’s still a baby. ๐Ÿ™‚


witl - thursday2

Week in the Life has brought out some camera smiles with Molly – normally she’s a definite no to pics!

witl - thursday1

Would have missed this moment if not for WITL – I was waiting to take a pic of him going to school so had my camera when I normally wouldn’t have.

And that’s it so far. Three more days left and then putting it all together happens. I’m lucky to work from home so whenever I get a chance I upload and edit pics. I also add times and a few words to each one in Photoshop before printing. By the end of the night I have the day done and I send them off daily to be printed. It keeps them organized for me and I don’t feel overwhelmed at the end of the week. I just need to add some bits and bobs then and I call it done!

How is your week going? Let me know if you’re still snapping and writing!